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Advertising Industry

The advertising industry is developing at a fast pace as new-new mediums of communication are originating. Today, one of the primary thing businesses should focus is on its effective advertising strategies. It does not merely help your business to grow financially and economically, but also makes your customers aware of the new products and services you have recently introduced.
There are essentially two types of advertising methods.

  • Online advertising, also called the internet or web advertising.
  • Offline advertising.

What is online and offline advertising?

Online Advertising, Have you ever watched an advertisement on social media and also seen it trending on YouTube and then later while surfing the web, came across it again? This is called online advertising or in better terms integrated marketing. It has a physiological aspect behind it. As we are being exposed multiple times to the same advertisement, we tend to remember it, or to say it otherwise, marketers see to it that we don’t forget it. Repetition leads to remembrance

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Offline Advertising

Offline Advertising, on the other hand, primarily constitutes print advertising along with other established methods. Anything that is not linked to the World Wide Web (www), marketers term it as offline advertising.

It consists of many strategies, primarily being the radio, print mediums like the newspapers, pamphlets, billboards, signboards etc. and not to miss out on any of the traditional ways of marketing like television advertisements and telecalling.

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Role of Online and offline advertising

some years back, many good places remained unnoticed or undiscovered and one always needed to physically visit a store to buy necessary products. But today, it is just a matter of few clicks. We can sit home, relaxed and order products and pay for them online. The advent of internet has brought everything to the table of the consumer and every individual thing is easily accessible at their fingertips. The world is getting smaller and closer. We, at Ganj Online, provide a proficient floor to meet your online advertising needs.

For a company to be successful, a creative idea is not sufficient unless and until it has an effective plan chalked out on paper, the primary objective being convincing the consumer to buy/try their products. Building this trust factor needs a strong foundation.

Consequently, both online and offline advertising play crucial roles in shaping public opinions. They have their own advantages and disadvantages attached to them. Let’s dive deeper into it.

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Online vs Offline advertising

Nowadays every company has an online presence and it has become obligatory to be present and visible to your target audience. This brings engagement and also keeps you updated with the recent trends in the market.

In that respect, there are both plus points and flaws that come along with Online and Offline Advertising. Considering the overview, the plus points of online are more than that of offline advertising. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

In this modern age, every person has a mobile phone that they carry along with them wherever they go. A person traveling in a bus or a car is unlikely to look outside the window to notice the billboard on the road or banners/posters applied on walls/polls. This is because each one is busy surfing through their news feeds to pick up their heads and look outside and read.

This is the reason why we say mobile phones are the future of online advertising.

Google paid advertising is one of the extremely effective way to generate traffic to your website and get leads that convert into sales. People are constantly searching for different products and services online and once they find you out on the Search engine results page (SERP), you get relevant and organic traffic. It is done using Google AdWords and AdSense program, Google’s Display Network.

Let’s assume you are paying Rs. 200 and generate a sales revenue of Rs.1000, the profit is huge! Isn’t it? A little investment can give you magnificent results!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs are also useful mediums to promote your business and build your brand locally. These are extremely personal channels and thus becomes incredibly important for having an effective communication in unique ways.

Offline advertising seems to faint in the new bright world of online advertising. They are unlikely to compete with the recent trends.

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Why choose our online advertising services?

Online advertising works like magic for small companies competing with larger ones. As your marketing budget is limited as compared to that of theirs, your struggle to match their pace can increase. We, at Ganj Online, provide you a chance to better your ranking and come parallel to your competitors.

We also help you manage your budget effectively and profitably with online advertising. The highlighted point being that you independently control your spendings and can specifically target audiences as per demographics and psychographics of the individuals. This, in return gives you more precise and relevant results.

The cherry on the cake is the high return on investment (ROI) which brings along, brand awareness and leads that convert into sales.

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Bottom line

Pampering your children can spoil them, but pampering your prospects can convert them into your regular clients. Just give them what they want and if they are not liking it, it begs a second thought. Remember to not just give it right away, gift wrap it with online advertising.

It is one of the most trending and pre-tested formulae which fits each one’s business needs. Don’t miss this great opportunity at the cost of a little investment. Giving it a try is a must and who knows it better than Ganj Online!